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Independent third-party laboratory tests are the cornerstone of a functioning quality assurance system, demanding rigorous, sensitive, and accurate technology and real-world expertise. When specific challenges occur in producing and delivering products anywhere in the world, the need is for a partner who knows the ropes. Genetic ID makes available to customers its expert technology and its expertise in the field to resolve real-world challenges in a timely, scientifically sound, and ultimately successful way.

Genetic ID’s speciality is helping companies deal with business challenges related to:

  • Meeting regulations
  • Delivering product to customer contract specifications involving threshold tolerances and unapproved varieties
  • Optimizing sampling and testing programs to achieve efficiency in cost and operations

Genetic ID offers a full palette of qualitative and quantitative testing options:

GMO TestingGMO testing is used to detect and quantify the presence of GMOs. Genetic ID can reliably detect all commercialized genetically modified organisms.
Allergen TestingAllergen testing is used to verify food products do not contain Allergens defined by EU regulation 2003/89 like gluten, peanut or others.
Plant & Animal Species DetectionPlant & animal species detection is used to detect the presence of plant or animal-derived materials, such as meat and bone meal, in animal feed or its components.
Halal TestingHalal Testing is used to detect haram material, like pork or other haram species in Halal food.
DNA BarcodingDNA Barcoding is used to determine the species of a given animal derived product.


Within these application areas, a wide variety of test variations may apply. Genetic ID testing methods are worldwide renowned, accurate and reliable. Selecting the correct testing protocol depends on knowing the standards and the regulatory environments that apply. Our technical experts will help you manoeuvre through this selection process.

Knowing the Regulations
A key component of success in testing depends on knowing the current status of export/import regulations. Genetic ID is your strong ally in this area. We were one of the first companies to offer PCR testing services internationally and we have an excellent experience in the world markets today. This experience allows us to skilfully guide you through GMO market hurdles.*


Genetic ID Extraction Kits

The Fast ID genomic DNA extraction kit, using state of the art technology, provides a streamlined and cost effective process that yields exceptionally pure DNA from a wide variety of simple and complex samples

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*Genetic ID does not provide legal advice

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